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About Us: Erna Nilawati and Gede Mustiada (Mus), Owner/Operators of Bali Tour Magic

About Us: Erna Nilawati and Gede Mustiada (Mus), Owner/Operators of Bali Tour Magic

Hi from Erna & Mus,

As owner/operators of Bali Tour Magic, we’d like to tell you a little bit about us. Like most native Balinese, our dream is for a better future for our children, Surya, Tiara, and Kiran, a future in which they are not dependent on the foreign owned companies which increasingly control the Balinese economy and send tourist dollars offshore, ever diminishing opportunity for our next generation.
Bali Tour Magic was born from this dream, and we have worked hard to turn our 30 years of combined experience in hospitality and tourism into the unique, boutique tour service that is Bali Tour Magic.  Our mission is to establish a reputation for excellence in Bali tour and transport services, based on our local expertise and the personal touch our larger competitors can’t offer.  And our name reflects our vision: we are dedicated to turning your journey into a magical memory.
We know every inch of our island paradise and we are expert at providing seamless tour services at excellent value for money. What sets us apart from both our large, foreign owned and other local competitors is that we combine the best of both: Bali Tour Magic is run on a Western business model of professionalism and efficiency, whilst also underpinned by the Hindu principles we live by – harmony, peace and karma , delivering seamless Bali tour and transport services with integrity, a local flavour and authentic Balinese hospitality.
We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to our country and to share with you some of the many wonderful sights, attractions and activities our island home offers. Paradise is waiting…be our guest!

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Om shanti shanti shanti Om (peace in mind body & spirit)