Bali East Coast Tour

  • Destination: East Bali

Bali East Coast Tour follows a path a little less travelled by many tourists. They’re missing out on some stunning inland highlights, beach access to a marine wonderland, and an opportunity to experience a less crowded Bali!

Duration10 hrs
Departsapprox 8am
Returnsapprox 6pm
TypeFull Day – Scenic/Cultural; Water Activities


EXPLORE…the east Bali town of Klungkung and the remnants of this past seat of royal power in Bali. Still standing is Kerta Gosa (once the Hall of Justice). View Bali’s largest display of Kamasan-style traditional paintings, richly decorating its ceilings. Kerta Gosa also features a ‘floating’ house and garden in the middle of a pond.

VISIT… Goa Lawah Temple (bat cave), named for the thousands of (protected) bats living in the cave’s ceiling and walls. There is also a beautiful beach south of the cave, dotted with huts built by local salt makers. On a clear day Nusa Penida Island can be seen from the shoreline.

EXPERIENCE… a glimpse of ancient Balinese culture with a visit to Bali Aga (literally, the original Balinese), Tenganan. The villagers maintain a strict adherence to ancestor worship, cosmology and other animist beliefs, as well as a rigid social organisation. Villagers must live inside the village and marry from within. Tenganan is closed to outsiders after dark. The dialect of Balinese spoken here is heard nowhere else.

A local custom that has been become a popular tourist spectacle involves ritual blood sacrifice. Combatants fight using thorned pandanus leaves, a ritual combat known as mekare kare.

DISCOVER…the marine wonderland off the shores of Candidasa. There’s good snorkeling with live coral in shallow waters., with many small coves and bays to explore. Rent a snorkel and mask in the town and snorkel near the beach, or hop on a boat for a snorkelling tour.

IMMERSE…yourself in Candidasa’s laid back, less touristy vibe. The black sand beaches surround one of East Bali’s well-kept secrets, a long, white sand beach fringed with coconut palms. Rent a sunbed and umbrella and just chill out on the beach.

WONDER… at the extraordinary beauty of the Tirta Gangga Water Palace – a lovely maze of pools and fountains surrounded by lush gardens and stone carvings and statues. The centrepiece of the palace is an eleven tiered fountain, and the huge koi fish are stunning. You can bathe in the spring fed swimming pools for a small charge which is additional to the small entrance fee.

CREATE…your perfect day. We can customise this Bali East Coast Tour to suit your interests and preferred pace.

For instance, you might want to spend a full day exploring the many snorkelling opportunities off Candidasa’s beaches. Candidasa is also close to some of the most famous dive sites in Bali.

Guided hiking in the countryside can also be arranged. One idea for a very active Bali east coast tour is to take a guided hike from Tenganan village to the stunning Tirta Gangga Water Palace, but we recommend using a local guide as the trail is not marked.

You might like to first check out the East Bali region on our things to do in Bali page. You’ll find heaps more information and ideas to help you decide what you’d like to see and do as a Bali East Coast tour. The possibilities are endless!

Just contact us and we’ll help you create your own unique experience and magical memories of Bali’s east coast.

You’ll find our simple and transparent pricing system and booking info on our Bali Tour Magic Services page.


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