Bali Seawalker

  • Destination: South Bali

Bali Seawalker allows you to explore a marine wonderland of tropical fish and coral as you walk along the ocean floor, breathing as if on land via an oxygen fed helmet. Suitable for ages 10 and above, you don’t need diving or even swimming skills for the Bali Seawalker experience. All equipment conforms with international standards, and trained and experienced professional guides will accompany you during your underwater walk.

Duration 5hrs
Departs variable
Returns Variable
Type Half Day – Water Activities; Adventure/Active Experiences; Wildlife Experiences


BEGIN…the evening’s escapade at the Bali Zoo with elephant encounters and feeding experience. You’ll meet Bali Zoo’s gentle giants and see how it feels to actually feed these amazing mammals by hand.

DESCEND…6 meters by stairs to the sea floor with your guide and experience the thrill of breathing underwater as if you were on land.

DISCOVER…a marine wonderland of tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs alive with marine plants. With Bali Seawalker, not only is diving experience unnecessary, you don’t even need to be able to swim to explore under the sea.

EXPERIENCE…walking along the ocean floor – not as easy like walking on land! But to help you maintain your balance, your guide will bring pipeline you can hold during your Bali Seawalker experience.

FEED…the fish if you’d like to see what its like to be mobbed by swarms of brightly coloured tropical fish! Don’t worry – they’re curious (and extremely attracted to any food!) but completely harmless.

CAPTURE…your Bali Seawalker adventure with a CD of photos and video. Just let your guide know if you’d like your underwater adventure photographed or filmed, but note that additional fees apply.

CREATE…your perfect day. We can arrange and co-ordinate a half or full day of Bali water activities or a mix of activities and sightseeing.

The Bali Seawalker adventure is available is Tanjung Benoa in the south or Sanur on the east coast. You’ll be underwater for about 30 minutes, so you might like to add a combination of other Bali water sports to make this a half or full day tour.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to spend the rest of your time exploring Tanjung Benoa and the Nusa Dua Peninsula or Sanur, or just chilling on the beach.

You might like to first check out our things to do in Bali page. You’ll find heaps more information and ideas to help you create your perfect day. The possibilities are endless!

Just contact us and we’ll help you create some magical memories of your own unique experience in Bali.

You’ll find our simple and transparent pricing system and booking info on our Bali Tour Magic Services page.

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Bali Seawalker

Bali Seawalker: discover a marine wonderland!

Bali Seawalke

Bali Seawalker: experience walking on the ocean floor!

Bali Seawalke

Bali Seawalker: breathe underwater!


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