Kintamani Hiking

  • Destination: North Bali

Kintamani hiking offers a truly spiritual and visually spectacular experience. Kintamani hiking does require a very early start in order to reach the summit by sunrise, but does not require hiking experience and is suitable for average fitness levels.

Duration 11 hrs
Departs approx 1.30am
Returns approx 12.30pm
Type Full Day – Adventure/Active


KINTAMANI hiking… especially to the summit, is the only way to ‘truly’ see the active Volcano of Mount Batur. And if you’re up for it, a pre-dawn start to your Kintamani hiking experience is the way to go – putting you on the summit in time for the awe-inspiring show nature puts on at sunrise.

MEET…with your experienced and licenced guide, and set out on your ascent at arround 3-3.30am. Aided by flashlight, Kintamani hiking involves a 1.5-2hr ascent to reach the summit pre-dawn.

MARVEL… at the spectacular sight of the sun rising over the top of the Kintamani Volcano caldera from your bird’s eye view. Catch the magnificent sight of the red sky as it appears with the breaking dawn.

FEEL… the spirituality of Kinatani as the sun slowly rises, casting the vista around you in an ever-changing kalidescope of color.

TAKE… in the stunning views from every direction of the Kintamani summit, with the haunting Mt Agung across the caldera lake, Mt Rinjani in the distance, the highest mountain on Lombok, and the large volcanic ash slope with several steaming, active cones in the background. Descend to the newer craters to see the most recent lava flows.

ENJOY… breakfast and a hot drink on the summit (some guides cook an egg on lava-heated rock during the trek as a fun demonstration of just how active this volcano is!).

EXPERIENCE…the active life of the Kintamani Caldera as your Kintamani hiking tour makes the descent by daylight.

RELAX…and rejuvenate your muscles after your Kintamani hiking adventure in the inviting Toya Bungkah hot springs at the base of Kintamani.

CREATE…your perfect day.  For instance, if Kintamani hiking to experience sunrise on the summit appeals, but your baulk at the 1.30am departure from Kuta, we can arrange an overnight stay at Kintamani. A popular combo for the very active is to combine a cycling adventure with a Kintamani hiking tour over two days.

One option is to do a Kintamani cycling tour in reverse, starting at Ubud for a 26km ride to Mt Batur with an overnight stay, prior to your Kintamani hiking tour. Another option is to cycle from Ubud to Taro Elephant Safari Park, and be later transferred by vehicle at your convenience to Kintamani for an overnight stay, prior to your Kintamani hiking tour.

And because your Bali Tour Magic driver remains at your disposal for your entire tour, it’s easy to pre-arrange meeting points along your cycling route. That way, should the undulating terrain prove too much, we just transfer the bikes to the vehicle and you can drive the remainder of the way.

A more leisurely option would be to stay overnight at Kintamani, breakfast at a restaurant overlooking the Volcano caldera, and hike with or without guide to the summit, or simply explore an hour or two of the area by foot.

You’ll find our simple and transparent pricing system and booking info on our Bali Tour Magic Services page.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to book a Kintamani hikiing tour, or customise a Kintamani tour to suit your preferred interests. Our expertise and experience are at your disposal to ensure your experience of Kintamani is a magical one.

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Kintamani hiking, watch sunrise at the summit with a Kintamani hiking tour

Kintamani hiking, watch sunrise at the summit

Kintamani hiking to the summit - feel the sprituality of Kintamani

Kintamani hiking to the summit – feel the sprituality of Kintamani


Kintamani hiking, see sunrise over Lake Batur

Kintamani iking, see sunrise over Lake Batur


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Please note: Kintamani hiking can be done any time of day and with or without a guide. It is regarded as an ‘easy climb’ but that is a relative term for experienced hikers. You don’t need to be super fit, but many parts of the trek are quite steep, very sandy in places, and can also be treacherously slippery in the wet, so we recommend good hiking shoes. And if you’re not an experienced hiker, we also recommend using a guide, especially if you want to do the ascent pre-dawn, as you will be hiking by flashlight.