Mount Agung Hiking

  • Destination: East Bali

Mount Agung hiking is not for the faint hearted, but if you’re fit, healthy and up for the challenge, sunrise on the summit is a once in a life time experience! It’s not just the spectacular visual display, you’ll feel the spiritual presence of Mt Agung as you watch the rising sun begin its magical show in the haunting atmosphere of the summit at dawn.

Duration depends on route, see below
Departs depends on route, see below
Returns depends on route, see below
Type Full Day – Adventure/Active


CHALLENGE…your mind and body with this high adventure hike to the summit of Mount Agung, Bali’s highest strato-volcano. Looming high above Besakih temple, the most sacred of all Bali’s temples and known as the Mother Temple, Mount Agung’s physical and spititual presence is constantly felt throughout the island in all manner of day-to-day rituals.

CHOOSE…from one of two Mount Agung hiking routes:

Mount Agung hiking via Besakih Temple offers the most challenging but arguably the best Mount Agung hiking, requiring an 8.30-9.00pm pick up from your hotel to arrive at the Besakih Temple starting point for an 11:15 pm hike start. Allowing for an approximate ascent of 5-7 hours, you will reach the summit pre-dawn at around 6am. You’ll begin your descent about 7:30am, arriving back at the base point about 12pm for return to your hotel. Be warned, Mount Agung hiking along this route involves hiking through the dense jungle of Besakih. The final hour or so is exceptionally demanding, often requiring ascent on all fours. This route takes you to the very highest point of the mountain, 3,142 meters above sea level.

Mount Agung Hiking via Pasar Agung Temple is a less challenging 3-4 hour hike up to the peak, requiring a 11.30pm–12.00am pick up from your hotel to arrive at the Pasar Agung Temple starting point for a 1:45 am start, which will put you at the summit pre-dawn at about 6am for sunrise. You’ll begin your descent about 7:30am, arriving back at the base point about 11:00am for return to your hotel. This hike ends about 100 meters below the actual summit, but the views are still excellent in all directions, as well as down into the actual crater.

MARVEL…at the awe-inspiring sight of sunrise from the top of Mount Agung, and feel the sense of spirituality envelope you as you take in the ever-changing kalidescope of color cast across the sky in every direction by the rising sun.

CREATE… your perfect day. For instance, we can arrange an overnight stay closer to your chosen Mount Agung hiking starting point, allowing you to explore Besakih Temple the day before your Mount Agung hiking adventure – and enjoy more sleep prior to your hike!

You’ll find our simple and transparent pricing system and booking info on our Bali Tour Magic Services page.

Just contact us and we’ll help you create your own unique experience and magical memories.

Mount Agung hiking should only be considered if you are fit, in good health, and possessed of an adventure seeking spirit, but be assured
your efforts will be rewarded. A guide is a must, and all Mt Agung hiking operators include English speaking, private guides, drinking water, walking stick, flashlight, tea/coffe, and breakfast. You will need good hiking shoes, long pants, a jacket, and it’s recommended you don’t take anything you don’t absolutely need.

Mount Agung,hiking to the summit pre-dawn

Mount Agung,hiking to the summit pre-dawn

Mount Agung hiking the summit for sunrise

Mount Agung hiking the summit with the rising sun

Mount Agung hiking, sunrise summit hike

Mount Agung hiking above the clouds


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